..are you sitting comfortably?

Many of the photos in this online exhibition are taken in and around Walthamstow; lots of them on the estate in Walthamstow where I lived for the last 2 ½ years, others from South Woodford or Leytonstone whilst some are from South London where I used to work.

Can you guess where the images were taken?...click here and rollover the image to see the location!

This is an ongoing collection of photographs - The images are taken on various cameras; cheap digital, disposable, manual SLR's - whatever is available at the time - there would be more only I havent always had a camera handy when ive seen a chair!

Whenever I see an object that is out of place I have a dual feeling; seeing an object out of place in the street always makes me laugh, but there is also a nagging feeling of annoyance that something has been ungraciously dumped in the street for somebody else to clear up. Items i've seen in the past that I haven't photographed include a rocking horse, a piano (yes it did work) and a toilet

Exhibition Details (as on E17 Art Trail website)

As furniture that is usually associated with comfort and homeliness, this ongoing photographic project looks at chairs in alien environments; when they are not sitting comfortably anymore. Something that began as a casual observation a few years ago turned into a photographic project when I began to carry a disposable camera in my bag to record any abandoned chairs I saw. There is something sad but fascinating about an abandoned chair; that something that once resided in the home and had the job of providing a comforting rest had been cast out into the streets and would be unlikely to provide comfort again. The story behind its abandonment is also an interesting question; is it simply surplus to requirement in the household, is its pattern is too old, chintzy and torn or has it become rickety and unstable? Most of the chairs I found where abandoned around estates or residential areas, but some appeared in random locations and its these ones which I find particularly quirky and engaging. There is also a comment to be made on todays throwaway society. With everything available at an affordable value price, any slight fault and something can easily be replaced; but with a number of recycling schemes, is there really an excuse for this? Much of my photographic work is influenced by the American colour photographers of the 1970's, who captured dilapidated traces of human existence, prompting feelings of isolation and alienation. I hope the images of chairs, out of place and with no sitter go some way to emulate this style.

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