The Hollow Ponds, situated on the edge of east London, is a recreation ground that stretches in a triangle with nearby main roads leading swiftly out to Essex or in to the City of London. By night the area is filled with lowlifes involved in various criminal activities: drug traffickers or users, prostitutes, even murderers, although some just go for the secluded areas to commit suicide. During the summer the boating lake is open where there is a thick layer of mud hidden under the water, divers or swimmers have become trapped and consequently drowned. There is a kiosk and outdoor eating area open all year round; it is situated next to a main road where children may be easy targets for child abductors. Hollow Ponds is also an area of much scientific and environmental interest as it is home to an infestation of rats that can spread Weils disease to those that come into contact with them.






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