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Pop Art Self Portrait

This piece explores the subject of body image in relation to food, dealing with the seductive and repulsive aspects of food consumption and its effects on the body. From a distance the piece appears as a screen print or machine printed female figure that poses in a style seen in many modern advertisements or 'lads mag' features. It aims to give the perception of a woman who is confident about her body and projects it in this way. On closer inspection we see that the figure is in fact made up from thousands of individually applied images of food items; by removing the food from inside the body onto the outside, it becomes responsible for the physical make up of the figure. It reflects the idea that there is an underlying issue relating to food consumption and its effect on the physical as well as the mental self. It is especially significant in modern society when health and appearance issues are constantly being discussed in the media and for some it can initiate an unhealthy somewhat obsessive relationship with food. This compulsive nature is highlighted in the 'dot' image repetition and the meticulous somewhat neurotic method of their application.


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